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About the MSA

Máster Universitario en Sociología Aplicada

The University Master of Applied Sociology (MSA) is designed as an optimal educational complement to the different degrees on Humanities or Social Sciences that are available at present.

Its structure/schedule is addressed to provide a complete training for the postgraduate student in two fields: first, the student receives a specialized training for the research on social sciences; second, the programme facilitates the student’s integration into the labour market, due to the acquired skills and degree of specialization on particular methods and techniques for the applied sociology. Furthermore, in order to accomplish a better specialization, the Master is divided in three itineraries: 1) Economic Sociology, 2) Applications to Criminology, 3) Diagnosis and Social Intervention.

This proposal stems from a rigorous analysis of the demands and needs of the labour market and the academic community in Malaga and Andalusia. Malaga and its university make up an advantageous setting for the development of this specialization field, which has not been exploited yet. Malaga is the only of the ten most important cities in Spain where there does not exist a formal academic programme on sociology, neither public nor private. However, the demand for this type of training is growing in big cities and most dynamic regions. The fields of application are multiple, among them: market research, social policies, voting and public opinion studies, public safety, urbanism, social services – such as education, health, elderly, delinquency, migration, etc. – census and statistical analyses, diagnosis about new social problems and challenges, social network analysis, social exclusion processes, etc.

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